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About Sani Pass Tours

About Sani Pass ToursOnce, the Sani Pass was a rough mule trail descending the Eastern Highlands of old Basutoland into Natal. Tough drovers brought wool and mohair down the Pass on donkeys and mules to be exchanged for blankets, clothing and maize meal. The essentials for life in a remote and impoverished country.

A young man had a dream of operating a motor vehicle service up this fantastic Pass, using the 4 wheel drive vehicles he had seen on service in the second World War. His name was David Alexander and he founded this Company in 1955. It has operated on the Sani Pass ever since.

Sani Pass Tours is a team of dedicated, and highly experienced Guides that traverse the slopes of the legendary Sani Pass on a daily basis.  The only entry point into Lesotho from Kwazulu Natal, the Sani Pass……..

Being the most established Tour operator of the Kwa-Sani district, Lesotho, as well as the treacherous pass into Lesotho, Sani Pass Tours offers a variety of Lesotho tours, the day trip up Sani Pass being the most popular by far. The vehicles are all kept in top-notch condition, and extreme measures are taken to ensure the comfort of the customer, as the road up the pass can be rather bumpy at times.

The company focuses on all size groups of people, and likes to give individual attention to the many different highlights of the tour; the history of the pass is but one facet, with birding, plants, animals, and sometimes reptiles also making an appearance. The tour's purpose is not only that of getting to the highest pub in Africa, but to make the journey there, and back, a most educational, and memorable one.